This is your About Us page where you can expand on your company history and what drives you.  You can add a new page to your website at any time by clicking 'Add' in the left hand menu.
Each page is made up of different sections for you to add your content or images to.  You will find a quick link to add a new section to your page where your header meets the top of your page,  This is identified with a ‘+’ icon.
The type of sections available here are:
  • Image container templates
  • Text containers
  • Video & Text containers
  • Mixed content containers
Note: The height of your site will change according to the content you add and will increase when you add more content to your website.

The width of your website is fixed at 980px, this is to ensure compatibility with the many different devices being used today. For your site to be optimized for ipads and tablets, we recommend that you stay within the width of 980 pixels.
Did you know?
All our software runs from your internet browser and requires no software download to your computer. Your website can be online within minutes.